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Guía para el propietario y servicios inmobiliarios

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How to sell your house in 3 months

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Following these three easy steps it is possible to sell your house in a quick and effective way.

1. Set the right price.
HOW TO SET THE RIGHT PRICE? “The right Price is neither set by the Agent, nor by the Seller, it´s set by the Market. “ Setting the right price is vital to sell it. To make your property attractive and not frighten potential buyers, it is important to decide a real market price. Setting the right price from the beginning means taking advantage of the initial process of the sale. If you really want to sell your property, don´t influence yourself by the prices of the properties that are already in the market. Frequently they stay at the market for long time in the same situation and will remain there for much more. It is clear that everyone remembers the high prices of the real estate bubble, so the temptation to ask for too much is usual. Thanks to the knowledge of the real state market in Majorca, Mundo Pisos has a huge experience helping sellers to set the correct price. Gracias a su conocimiento del mercado inmobiliario en Mallorca MUNDO PISOS tiene una larga experiencia ayudando a los vendedores a fijar un precio correcto. The comparison with other sold properties in the area is fundamental to determine the basic value, with this information we will sit down with you and decide a good starting point. WHAT THE VALUE OF YOUR HOUSING IS BASED ON On the area and location of the property and in the future perspectives of the environment. On the property condition and the general features of it. On the supply and demand of the current real estate market. On the financing and current purchasing power. On the quality perception of the buyer. On the current competition. On the proximity and quality of public services, medical centers, transport, schools, privileged areas, proximity and sea views ... On the trends of the real estate market. WHAT THE VALUE OF YOUR HOUSING IS NOT BASED ON. On your feelings towards it. On your needs or your mortgage debt. On the amount you spent on it. On what you want or you can ask for. On what is the price of your future property. On what your neighbours ask or your family suggests. On the upward appraisals. On the high prices of the real estate bubble. DANGERS OF ASKING TOO MUCH FOR YOUR PROPERTY If the price is correct from the beginning, the best offers are usually received in the first 30 days from the sale offer. An expensive property will help the other sellers to sell their ones. Your expensive property will serve for the others to prove that their housing price is correct and it´s a great opportunity. The seller will lose potential interested buyers. Clients only visit those properties that are within price. Even if the seller is willing to accept lower offers, he will not receive them because potential buyers won´t see the property. If there are no visits, there are no sale opportunities. The property will "burn" in the real estate market. People avoid seeing houses with illegible weathered posters that could mean they are too expensive or there is something wrong with it. You will spend a lot of time in visits without results, until you finish tired and tired of showing it. Even you could withdraw it from the sale or wrongly renting it. If you do not live in the house you will also have to spend money on maintenance and municipal taxes. You will risk squatters “Okupas” occupying your house or deterioration of itself. The house will have problems with the appraisal. Even if someone made an offer without knowing the market, the bank knows the property value and won´t grant a loan for it. The seller will have to lower the price or he will lose the transaction. Why doesn´t anyone call me to buy my house? The answer is simple: the price is high. Few are willing to assume that the price of their properties is too high. Some sellers believe that if there are no available buyers, means the banks don´t grant mortgages. Be flexible with the sale price of your home, it´s not about hurry or urgency, the market prices is what it is, with or without haste. There are not always opportunities in the market. We suggest you to be receptive to potential offers for your property. It is senseless to continue doing the same without results and expect things to change …
2. Prepare your housing for visitors (Home Staging).
PREPARE YOUR HOUSING FOR VISITS (HOME STAGING) Decor and Home Staging: what is the difference between them? Many people think that decoration and Home Staging is the same, but there are many differences. Decorating consists of "dressing" a house according to the personal tastes of the owners, while the Home Staging is about "staging the house" to make it more attractive for the mayority of the people and increase the opportunities to sell it in the shortest time possible and the mayor profit for the owner. Home Staging is the act of preparing a property making an unfurnished house appear lived in. Here are some techniques of Home Staging to to achieve the goal and sell your property in less than three months… HOW TO PREPARE YOUR HOUSING FOR VISITS? (HOME STAGING) There is only one opportunity to cause a Good first impression. “A home is perceived with the five senses”. Prepared homes are sold in half the time that the ones without home staging, according to a study. The care, cleaning and order of your house is essential to ensure optimal impression that is needed to be well organized and planned. El cuidado, limpieza y orden de su vivienda es imprescindible para garantizar una óptima impresión para lo cual necesitamos que esté bien organizada y prevista. Don´t forget that a clean and cared space is more welcoming. When visiting your house the buyer should feel or imagine living in it. Turn your clients into guests, let them imagine the house is already theirs. We must try to avoid that the buyer feels like an intruder. Is the House ready for sale or is it necessary to make Repairs and take care of the Details? It´s not always about reforming the whole house, it is about reorganizing, depersonalizing and making small improvements, to give a feeling of spaciousness and joy. We should ask ourselves what disadvantages the house presents. It is necessary to put oneself in the place of the potential buyer, possible problems should be noted and repaired before the buyer notice them. There are some ideas that Mundo Pisos suggests or can do for you: Make minor repairs: broken floors, burnt light bulbs, broken carpentry, plugs, humidity, cracks, especially the elements that could decrese the sale price. Throw off unusable old things that you would probably get rid of when leaving the house. Avoid overloading spaces or walls, it causes sensation of small surface. Rearrange your house, leave only the essential furniture. Take care of the exterior zones: gardens, shrubs, swimming pool, barbecue, sidewalks… Kitchens and bathrooms are two very delicate spaces. Take good care of them when showing them. Store everything on the kitchen counter, remove personal items from the bathroom. Replace the old curtains in your house Air the house and then use fresheners in case of bad smell… Open the shades and curtains, let in natural light of the day enters. If it is night, turn on all the lights. Control annoying noises that could make the customer nervous. Do not leave any pet free that may disturb the visit. Depersonalize your home, remove photographs and family relics. Fill the holes in the walls and paint them with neutral colors. With these simple things, imagination and common sense you will get: You will take pictures that stand out from the rest You will get more visits You will get a crush It will avoid unnecessary negotiations You will sell it faster and at the best price Visitors will feel like at home
Guía para el propietario y servicios inmobiliarios

Descárgate nuestra Dossier Home Staging para más información

3. Apply a Marketing Plan and Custom Advertising.
CUSTOMIZED MARKETING AND ADVERTISING PLAN Having the right price and housing prepared for visitors won´t work if if nobody finds out that you sell your property. Hence the importance of making a good marketing plan and personalized advertising. The development of a good marketing plan is not simply recommended, it´s necessary to maximize the chances of success, it´s our exterior showcase. A careful, personalized and different marketing can increase sales by more than 50%. In Mundo Pisos to meet our objective and commitment to sell your property in less than three months, we know what Marketing Plan to apply to each housing. We can´t launch marketing actions without previous identifying, planning the necessary actions and finally execute an appropriate strategy in order to add value to your property. What is Real Estate Marketing? Marketing it is the process of identifying, planning and executing the necessary actions for an effective promotion and distribution of goods and services, in order to create exchanges that satisfy individual and business objectives. Marketing is an English concept and deals with analysis behavior of markets and consumers. “Marketing means to have the adequate product, in the adequate moment, adapted to the demand, in the indicated time and at the correct market price”. Suggestions for a good Real Estate Marketing Plan It is advisable that the owners are not present when the housing is being shown. The reason is that the owners often make buyers nervous, nobody feels comfortable inspecting a home, and they feel they are invading the privacy. It´s better to leave the house while visiting. Let the professionals take over. Avoid time and money on trips. If you do not live in the house you are selling, it´s better provide the keys to the agent. You will avoide losing time and money on trips and we won´t depend on specific days or schedules. Our agent will sign a certificate of delivery of keys as responsible for the proper use of it. Be flexible with the visiting hours, if you live in the house. Bear in mind the best buyers could have very demanding work schedules and could visit your house in certain schedule or days. Work with your real estate agent. If you are trying to sell the property on your own, remember that there are real professionals whose daily work is to help promote and sell your home, in addition to providing financial service for it. “The sale os a game of numbers”. The more people know about the house you are selling, the greater the chance of finding a buyer. When a homeowner decides to sell their house, it is important that they realize it´s not their home any more. Now it´s a marketing product therefore it should be presented to the liking of the majority of potential buyers.

Services and information to the seller

  • What to sell
  • The sale consists of a Personalized Advice process carried out by the Seller or the Real Estate Agent in order to help the clients to find a solution according to their needs. “The Sale is Not just about Selling”, consists in helping the Client to detect the basic Needs and Motivations of the Purchase, in order to help understand the Product or Service and what can be done for them, it´s to allow them to sell themselves.
  • Real estate agents
  • In Real Estate trading it´s necessary to carry out multiple operations that normally most of the private sellers or people who need to carry them out have neither the time nor the necessary knowledge. Therefore, it´s fundamental the existence of professionals that guarantee the manner of a determined trading is developed in the best way and it will favor the interest of the client. How to distinguish a professional agent in 7 steps: Professional Agent A Professional Agent knows how to say NO and will never tell everyone Yes. If your apartment is out of price, an agent will let you know clearly. An agent values her/himself and hardly will reduce the commission because of great job she/he does. A professional can´t lose time, so she/he won´t waste yours; neither will bring curious visitors. A professional agent doesn´t work with properties managed by plenty of agencies, where each of them decides a price, put a banner announces or promotes it in a different way. However, an agent will offer the properties to all the possible real estates in the zone in order to obtain the best result in the sale, but always managing them directly. If your property is administered by another real estate as a Unique Agent or as Exclusive, she/he will ask you about it to collaborate. In this way the agent will prove she/he is interested in your housing. A professional agent will tell you the truth about the price, there is no need to create fake expectations to get a property, finally all will be known. The Professional Agent has a system, a commercial team and a solid material and technological infrastructure to advise you and offer you a customized marketing and advertising plan. We don´t just show properties… An agent that spends time simply showing houses will accept all you say… included the price you want. If she/he is not able to defend the fee, how the price of your property could be defended? This type of agent will manage all the possible visits although it´s not you are looking for. The strategy consists of showing any house and crossing fingers. Then if there is no way out…she/he will simply place a sign FOR SALE and will pray that any buyer appears before another agent sells it. This agent distrusts the rest of the world…it´s logic… Evildoers always think the worst of others. If it´s possible, she/he will try to convince you cancel cooperation contracts with another agents in order to comply with the goals, no matter what. She/he will confirm your house cost is exacltly the same you say, or even more….that it´s the best of the best…and it´s possible you won´t see her/him again for a long time. This agent works without order based on the method of three “P”: Put the sign FOR SALE + Publish it on the internet + Pray to appear a buyer. Thing you should require from a Good Real Estate Agent Ask him to show you his Marketing plan and the strategy to follow to sell your property Ask about the clients’ portfolio available in the moment Ask to show you some simple study of prices of houses sold in your area Ask how many sales does each agent of your real estate company per month Ask what position your website occupies on the internet regarding the competition, and how your properties are positioned in the advertising real estate portals Ask what kind of advertising does and how much is the monthly promotion investment Ask how many real estate agents and material and technological infrastructure the company has Ask her/him to show you the Card with the real estate association number Ask for a dossier or guide of services and real estate information for buyers and sellers. Ask to show yu the liability insurance of risk in the arras agreement or purchase and sale contracts.
  • The change
  • In the age of knowledge and information, the only constant variable is the CHANGE. MUNDO PISOS advances with changes and we are present in the most important digital and conventionaal media, enhancing the presence in the network, achieving the properties positioning in the real estate market.
  • Exclusive contract
  • “The Exclusive contract doesn´t shut other options, it opens and amplifies them” Don´t be afraid if you give the sale of your house to a single agency, you won´t lose any opportunity. The agency is the one that should be afraid of the acquired commitment, not to lose its reputation, spent time and investment in promotion of your house and finally to achieve the goal and the sale. MUNDO PISOS is associated with ABAI (Balearic Association of Real Estate Advisers) Thanks to the MLS system and new technologies, real estate agencies can collaborate among professionals at national and international level. The agency that agrees with you the exclusive sale of your property, will be responsible for caring your interests and coordinating with the other real estate agencies all the necessary steps to achieve a satisfactory result for all.
  • Sale of properties in Spain
  • In Spain unlike other more mature and solid real estate markets, the sale of properties without the intermediation of real estate professionals still represents approx. 40%. Meanwhile transactions between particulars are hardly even made in other countries such as the United States, France, the United Kingdom, the Nordic countries, etc. These countries know from experience that the only way to sell a property easier and faster is to give the agent exclusive sale rights.
  • Failures in selling a property
  • Giving a sense of lack of control in the sale causes distrust. When your property is not managed as an exclusive one, it can lead to lack of sale control and its commercialization. The fact that a property is placed in the market with different real estate mediators makes it very difficult to control the texts and price of the property, each mediator will put different price margin, and each time you decide to change the house price, it will be difficult to align all the intermediaries with the new price, all this mismatch and lack of control will make the potential buyer distrust to feel the lack of accuracy and order in the management of the sale. Transmit feeling of need, anxiety = lack of professional advice. Placing more than one poster of “for sale” on the balcony or ordering the sale to many intermediaries transmits the feeling of need, urgency and lack of professional advice by the seller, reaching to lose the possibilities of sale. The worst thing that can happen in the sale is to convey these sensations, it means that possible buyers can take advantage of this soft spot to lower the price leading to a bad sale for the seller or including to lose the sale.
  • The value of Mundo pisos
  • MUNDO PISOS doubles the investment in advertising, time and resources in case of exclusive property: Faster: because we will design a strategic marketing plan to speed up the sale of the property. Also we assign a personal advisor to coordinate, to commercialize, to take control and reporting visits. Easier: MUNDO PISOS will be in charge of managing all the necessary procedures to carry out an optimal real estate transfer. Let us to take care of everything, you only need to appear the day of the contract signing before the notary. Invest time, money and resources in the property: the sale of a property needs to invest time, money and efforts, which you can avoid by letting the professional advisors do the work for you. We work for you: we reorganize, we decorate and we make minor repairs in your home at no charge to the seller. In MUNDO PISOS we have professionals for every specific case. We buy your house in cash: MUNDO PISOS as an investor offers the possibility to buy your house in cash, we make contracts with purchase option, and we commit ourselves to sell your property in six months. In case we can´t fulfil our compromise, Mundo Pisos will execute the purchase option. We all win: both the seller and the agency can count on a double guarantee and security in the client-real estate relationship. On the one hand the exclusive properties will benefit from all the extra services mentioned above and we, as an agency, will have the legal security that our work and investment will be rewarded.

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